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How horticure Founder outsourced on Co-Tasker to focus on growth 🌱

Running a business comes with lots of challenges. A successful business can duck, dive, dodge and overcome many challenges while keeping their core business running as usual.

Co-Tasker isn’t just a community platform that can be used by local people, but it’s also a tool for individuals and businesses that need fast and flexible solutions.

One Founder whose used Co-Tasker as part of their strategy when undergoing rapid changes in their business is Deborah Choi, the Founder of horticure: a platform that helps busy people grow and maintain beautiful indoor jungles.

Learn more about Deborah, her journey so far with launching horticure in Berlin and how Co-Tasker has helped her during these challenging times in our interview with her below.

What is your mission with horticure?

"horticure is on a mission to ‘green up’ indoor spaces, everywhere. The platform began as an Uber-like solution for plant parents to get near-instant support from vetted indoor plant experts, or horticulturists.

We’ve since evolved to also offer plants for sale, starting in Berlin. We differentiate by providing thematic plant “kits” that can help our customer (i.e. largely, plant “beginners”) feel a lot more confident with bringing more greenery indoors."

What inspired you to start horticure?

"I think I was looking for a platform like horticure for quite some time! Perhaps the pain for me first happened several years ago in New York City, when I brought home a Fiddle Leaf Fig that cost $300.

I absolutely, under no condition, did not want that plant (and my investment!) to die. But it did. And many more plants after it, in NYC and also when I moved to Europe, followed the same course: buy, water, forget, desperately over-water, instant indoor plant cemetery.

I knew that there were people with “green thumbs” around me, though I didn’t know how to connect with them, or even filter out who was “legit” or not. I spent several months pre-launch, holding customer interviews to understand the pain points with plants a bit more holistically, which gave me the confidence to launch."

What has your experience been like so far as a Founder in Berlin?

"Berlin is a big international city, yet somehow the startup ecosystem here feels small and tight-knit; pretty quickly, you “know everyone”. As one of the main startup hubs in Europe, there is also a wealth of programs for the early stage. I had the opportunity to join two great accelerators last year, both in Berlin."

What does community mean to you?

"Broadly speaking, 'community' for me means you’re at home. It’s that feeling that whenever you find yourself with a question or a need, there is someone around that can be a support or source of wisdom and inspiration. Community is about needs being met, by the community, for the benefit of each individual."

How do you use Co-Tasker?

"horticure underwent many rapid changes in early Spring due to COVID. The result was, there were new skills and resources needed very quickly, which were outside the realm of resources within my team. Co-Tasker enabled me to find the right people quickly, to help horticure keep running. We’ve now used Co-Tasker for a wide variety of things: Instagram content, customer deliveries, logistics support, etc."

What’s your favourite thing about Co-Tasker?

"I have to say, the Co-Taskers themselves! Everyone has a story, a diversity of skill-sets and a reason why they’re on this platform. I’ve enjoyed very much getting to know the individuals that have been supporting horticure, via Co-Tasker."

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