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How Co-Tasker Works

Booking Help

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Start by creating your free task ad. Describe your task, add pictures, pick a date and time, add if you need your Co-Tasker to bring extra tools or equipment, and then set a budget for it either as a whole price or per hour.


Sit back, relax and watch the offers come to you.


Once Taskers have sent you offers, you can choose the best offer that suits you.


Co-Taskers have the option to either send you an offer matching your budget or send you a new offer with a price decrease or increase. For example, the Co-Tasker might think the Task might take longer to complete and so they need to be paid more.


Here you can check the Co-Tasker's profile. You can check out their past reviews and ratings, also their general information about themselves (such as their intro, skills and languages).


Once you've selected an offer, you can write your billing address either for your self or as a business. Payment is then taken from your Co-Tasker Wallet (aka your Co-Wallet) and placed in pending for the Co-Tasker until your task is completed to your satisfaction.


You can now chat privately with your Co-Tasker and share more information about the task and give important details, such as your full address. We highly recommend keeping your conversation in the Co-Tasker app and only sharing necessary information.

You can also get support from the Co-Tasker Communication Team directly in your Task ad in case you need any assistance.


You will be notified via the app when your Co-Tasker starts and completes your task.


After your task is completed, your Co-Tasker will request payment via the app. You will be notified and asked to release the payment. Once you've released the payment to your Co-Tasker, you can leave them a rating and review. You will also receive an invoice in your email.

Please note, Co-Tasker only accepts that you pay for your Task via the app. Any other form of payment outside the app will not be accounted for.


In the case that you are not satisfied with the task or have experienced a problem, the Co-Tasker Communication Team will be there for you to help and solve the issue.

If you would like more information about how to have the best experience on Co-Tasker, check out our Guidelines.
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