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  • How can I find work on Co-Tasker?
    On Co-Tasker, you can find task ads created by people in your local area. The task ads can be found on Co-Tasker via the map or as a list view. You can filter and search directly for tasks based on your preferences. You can also be notified by the app when certain tasks that you prefer to do are created. The possibilities of task help are endless on Co-Tasker, but here are just a few categories you can expect to see: Cleaning Repairs Errands Transport Moving Handyperson House & Garden Special Delivery Once you find a task that you would like to apply for, simply send the task creator an offer and if they accept, you can start working to complete the task.
  • Do I work for Co-Tasker?
    Co-Tasker provides a platform that connects you to local people in your area that need your help with tasks. You don’t work for Co-Tasker, on the app you are a freelancer/self-employed and we are a service provider.
  • How do I earn money on Co-Tasker?
    You earn money on Co-Tasker by completing tasks created by users. You are paid through your Co-Wallet which you can then withdraw from straight into your personal or business bank account.
  • How can you ensure that I will get paid?
    After your offer has been accepted, your payment is taken from the Client’s wallet and reserved for you until you finish the task to ensure that you are paid for your work.
  • Does Co-Tasker pay my taxes for me?
    Co-Tasker is not responsible for your personal or business taxes, you must declare the money you have earnt on the app.
  • Can I cancel working on a task?
    After making an offer for a task, you can always edit or cancel your offer. However, once your offer has been accepted, you can only cancel if the task done time is more than 24 hours. If you have an emergency circumstance which means that you cannot do the task that you made an offer on and has already been accepted, then you must contact the Co-Tasker team with supporting documents, and we will cancel the task for you. If you don’t turn up to the task, you will not be paid, and the task creator will leave you a bad review. Your reviews are seen by future users that you work with and a bad review can lower your chances of being accepted for future tasks.
  • When should I not apply for a task?
    You shouldn’t apply for a task if you are not sure that you can complete it to the highest quality. If you’re not sure about how to carry out a task, you shouldn’t apply for it and let the task creator find someone who is skilled in that task category. If you carry a task out and the service wasn’t of high quality, or you couldn’t carry out the task for whatever reason, you will not be paid for the task. Also, you will also receive a bad review and which will affect you from getting accepted for future tasks.
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