For you to have the best experience on Co-Tasker, we’ve created this guideline of points that you should remember when using the app.


Before working on Co-Tasker


Before doing any task, make sure that you are officially allowed to work and that you have a tax I.D. You are personally liable for earning undisclosed income, otherwise known as 'Black Money’.


Your privacy is important to us


Your privacy is important to us. We only reveal necessary information about yourself to other users.


The information that you see in your profile is different from what other users see in your profile. The only public information shared with other users on the app is your profile picture, your name (which is shown as [First Name, First initial of Last Name] e.g. Nigel L), a short blurb about yourself, your languages, skills and the reviews that you’ve received in the past.


When creating a task ad, you should only share your street location. Later once you have accepted to do a task with a Co-Tasker, you can then share your full address in a private chat. 


Before agreeing to work with someone on the app


Co-Tasker is a service provider that connects you to other users. Co-Tasker does not hire individuals or businesses to offer their services. Individuals and businesses work on a freelance basis for you via the app. We guarantee that every tasker is I.D. verified before they send offers for tasks.


Before booking a Co-Tasker’, or before sending an offer for a task ad to a Task Creator, please check their profile. Try to work with users who show a profile image of themselves, not a cartoon or a drawing. You can also check their reviews.




Always, work within your skillset


When applying for a task on Co-Tasker, please make sure you have the knowledge and tools required to carry out the job. If you have doubts about not being able to complete the task to the highest quality, you shouldn’t apply and instead, let the Task Creator find someone skilled in that task category.  


Not only will you not be paid for attempting to do a task that you cannot complete, but you will also waste time of the person you’re trying to help. You will also receive negative reviews from users, meaning that it will be harder for you to find work on Co-Tasker in the future.


Before accepting a Task Offer


Please remember, once a Task Creator has accepted an offer, a contract is created between the Task Creator and the Co-Tasker, and the pair are legally bound to complete and pay for that task.


Please read our T&Cs carefully before using the app and working with others.


Meeting with a user in-person


When meeting another user in-person, both as a Task Creator and a Co-Tasker, always check their identity before starting a task. Make sure that it’s the same person as shown in their Co-Tasker profile and their form of identity.


As a Co-Tasker, please always take a form of identity with you. An identity card, driving license or passport will do: It must be a form of I.D. that has a visible picture of you. 


If you believe that the person standing in front of you is different to the one shown in the I.D. or Co-Tasker profile, please do not continue working with them and contact Co-Tasker to report the problem and we will investigate further. 


If a Co-Tasker mentions that a friend of there’s or someone else will carry out the task for you instead of themselves, please refuse the offer and contact Co-Tasker.


At the end of the day, Co-Tasker is the same as using any service


Co-Tasker is a platform that connects you with local people and services, please use the same caution as you would when hiring anyone. Avoid giving a user something of value. Try not to leave someone unattended in your home. When working with users who offer Childcare or Petcare services, please request to see their professional qualifications, certificates, past references and even criminal records. 


Assess the situation 


When carrying out a task, please always put your safety first. Assess your surroundings, if there is a safety hazard please stop working on the task and contact Co-Tasker about the issue. 

Pictures and Videos = GOLD


Try to always keep pictures and videos of your task. Such as photos or videos before and after. In the case of there being a problem, we will be able to better understand what happened during the task and better understand how to move forward.


Time matters


As a Co-Tasker and as a Task Creator, time matters. When you want to start working on a task as a Co-Tasker, please inform the Task Creator when you start and finish working on a task via the app.


Working out overtime


If you are working on a task and you need to work overtime, feel free to request extra payment on the app and make sure it's accepted before you complete your task.


Communication is key


You can solve any problem or misunderstanding with another user through effective communication. Please always respect others on the app. Use photos and videos in your private chat with user’s you’re working with to help explain your point. 


If you require further support during task completion, please feel free to contact Co-Tasker conveniently inside the task ad in question:


We’re here for you


Co-Tasker is always here to help and ready to assist you. The beauty of using an app like Co-Tasker is that we are the middleman. We’re here to connect you to the best help possible, and to help you in sticky situations.


If you are not satisfied with the completion of your task and you don’t want to release the payment, then contact us, describing your situation, along with photos and we will find a solution that will make you happy.




Co-Tasker aspires to build a community of honest and reliable people who always respect one another. Not only are we building a safe and convenient platform that enables you to freely exchange skills and money, we’re helping you connect with your local community.


Be kind to every user you meet, always rate each other user with stars and comments to help build a trusted community, also, to help other users to have the best experience. Every review counts.

Following, we explain some legal aspects of applying for tasks on Co-Tasker as well as accepting applications. The statements do not claim to be correct and complete; for further information and help, please seek legal advice.


Rules for refugees and asylum seekers


If you are a refugee (“Flüchtling”), an asylum seeker (“Asylsuchender”) or an applicant for asylum (“Asylbewerber”), you are not allowed to work in the first three months of your stay in Germany.


After these three months, the prohibition of employment is limited. At this point, you need an employment permit (“Arbeitserlaubnis”) from the foreigners’ registration office (“Ausländerbehörde”) and the consent of the employment agency (“Bundesagentur für Arbeit”) for the specific task you want to apply for. Only if the offices allow you the self-employment, you are permitted to apply for it on Co-Tasker also.


Even after 48 months, when you generally could work for an employer, self-employment as offered via Co-Tasker is not allowed as long as it is not stated otherwise from the authorities. So, in most cases it is forbidden to apply for tasks without residence permit.


Persons with a residence permit (“Aufenthaltserlaubnis”), such as persons entitled to political asylum (“Asylberechtigte”), recognized refugees (“anerkannte Flüchtlinge”) and persons with subsidiary protection status (“subsidiär Schutzberechtigte”), may do every employment in general, especially self-employment like on Co-Tasker also.


Please ask advice from the foreigners’ registration office or your local refugees NGOs for further information.


Earning limits


Please beware of the existing earning limits in Germany. Minor employment in Germany is privileged. If you earn till 450 Euro per month or 5400 Euro per year, you are exempt from the liable to health insurance. But generally, you are still liable to the pension insurance.


If you get the unemployment benefit two (“ALG II, Hartz IV”), you may earn money till 100 Euro per month overall, above the earning will be set off against the unemployment benefit. If you get the unemployment benefit one (“ALG I”), this limit is up to 165 Euro. You have to inform the employment agency (“Arbeitsagentur”) of your work.


These earning limits can change time by time; also note, that in your specific situation other earning limits may apply.


Registration at the finance authority and tax declaration


Because applying for tasks on Co-Tasker is self-employed work, you must register your self-employment at the responsible finance authority before you apply for tasks.


You must state your income in your tax declaration, because you are taxable as a self-employed person. This is required in every situation as long as you apply for tasks on Co-Tasker.


By the way, if you earn lower than 17.000 Euro the first and lower than 50.000 Euro in the following years, you are not obligated to create a (additional) turnover tax declaration.


Business registration at your township


Possibly a business registration during your self-employment on Co-Tasker is required, if your offered skills are classified as a business. A business is a durable self-employment with acquisition of gain. According on the characteristic and frequency of your applied tasks, you may be obligated to register your business at your township (“Gemeinde”).


Please note, that some employments are exempted from a business registration, especially it is not required for scientific, artistic, authorial, teaching and educational employment.


Ask for advice at your township’s trade office if you are uncertain, whether you need a business registration.


Illegal employment


Both, the Co-Tasker and the Task Creator, must be sure, that the offered task is allowed, and the income will be taxed according to the fiscal law, so that the income will not be concealed unlawfully. It is forbidden to apply for a task or to offer a task which will be classified as illegal employment. You are liable to follow the legal obligations for offering and accepting self-employed work.

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