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Communities helping communities: How Liberteco found help with final touches on Co-Tasker

With the events of the past year, many people have turned to their local communities for support and guidance. Being part of a local community, can not only help when you have a problem that needs solving but for those moments when you want to connect with people who have the same interests or values as you.

With Co-Tasker being a community ourselves, we value other communities around us as we see the great impact that they can have on the members of the community as well as society as a whole.

Over the years, Anna and Adam realised that meaningful moments are something that they valued together as a couple. These fond memories inspired them to create a community where others could connect and share fun experiences whilst learning more about sustainability.

During their journey to creating Liberteco, Anna and Adam turned to the Co-Tasker community to find help with a UX/UI project before their launch.

Keep reading to learn more about Anna and Adam, Liberteco and how the pair connected with a skilled Co-Tasker to help with final design touches.

What is Liberteco? What’s the mission?

"Liberteco is a new community platform in Berlin, aiming to make sustainable living fun & easy! On Liberteco you can either host or join DIY workshops, conscious cooking classes and many more mindful events. Or why not both :-)

We have teamed up with passionate hosts in Berlin to offer both physical and online events across six categories:

  1. Conscious eating: Bring flair to your kitchen with classes for cooking & baking

  2. Healthy body & mind: Be the guard of your soul and bring mindfulness into your life

  3. Green lifestyle: Adopt new habits, from zero waste to minimalism and much more

  4. DIY & Arts: Unleash your talents with great ideas for upcycling and repurposing

  5. Live like a Local: Discover - or rediscover - a neighbourhood from a local perspective

  6. Eco-Friendly Family: Lead by example! Fun moments to share as a family"

What inspired you both to start Liberteco?

"We have always been looking for experiences and special moments to share and to gift each other, but it wasn’t always easy to find! Plus we’ve been slowly switching some habits to more sustainable ones but again the task can seem too big or daunting at first.

Speaking with many people, we realized that we weren’t the only one's craving to do & learn new ways of doing things which are in-line with our values, so we decided to offer this dedicated space where curious minds and creative talents can meet".

“I love making people meet around sustainability topics. From hosting soy wax candle workshops to organizing events for the local Zero Waste association, I have witnessed so much curiosity and willingness to live consciously, yet not always knowing where to start. My answer is, just start where you are, pick a topic you love and meet the right people to accompany you through this journey.”

- Anna, Liberteco CEO

Liberteco is launching this month! Tell us more about what you have in store.

"Liberteco is being updated every day with new events & workshops to join. From raw Indian cooking classes to dried flowers workshops and sustainable living coaching in Berlin, we have curated a selection of special moments for every taste. Is there something you wish to see on Liberteco? Let us know and we’ll find the best mentors for this!

Christmas is coming up soon so we have (digital) gift cards available too, which you can personalize with the name of the person that you gift it to.

We also offer a 3 euros discount on your first reservation using the code GREENBERLIN at check-out."

What does community mean to you?

"Community equals strength, especially now more than ever. This is now the time to support each other and go one step beyond to really serve the community and reflect on how we can help each other, to thrive and shape the world we want to live in.

We are big believers that the sum of all our individual and small actions creates big lasting changes.

Building a community for us means creating long-lasting and genuine relationships based on trust, support and empowerment. We only win if you win, that’s our approach!"

How do you use Co-Tasker?

"We have been partnering with several Berlin talents to create Liberteco, because it is important for us to work with the local community whenever possible.

Through Co-Tasker we found for example a great person to help us out with the look & feel of our website (UI-UX design).

We were almost at the final stage and felt like we were missing a little something to make Liberteco look more modern and user-friendly.

We hope you will like it! We’re open for feedback and improvements also, don’t hesitate to reach out if you think we should add functionalities to the website."

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