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Become a


If you’re looking to offer your professional services and help people, whilst enjoying the freedom and flexibility of finding work in your local area, then you’re in the right place.

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Name your price
We sort out the rest

You're the boss. You choose when, where and how you want to work 

Request the price you want to be paid

Instant & secure payments, instant invoices, and we bring the clients to you

How you can earn money on Co-Tasker
Earn money in Berlin and Hamburg.png.png
Earn money in Berlin and Hamburg.png
Earn money in Berlin and Hamburg.png.png
Earn money in Berlin and Hamburg.png.png
Earn money in Berlin and Hamburg.png.png
Earn money in Berlin and Hamburg.png.png
Just a few ways you can make money
Why Co-Taskers love working on Co-Tasker
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I like working with Co-Takser because I have the freedom to choose any job, whatever and whenever I want.


The process of applying and getting a job is so smooth, and also you get your money straight away after completing the task.

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I love Co-Tasker, because it makes it possible to offer and to receive help in a really simple, yet safe way.


As a Co-Tasker, I can manage my schedule and my prices as I want.

And above all: it's an amazing community of people with nice vibes.

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Why I like to work with Co-Tasker...
* The application is so amazing and easy. 
* Everything is quite clear and nothing is hidden on the app.
* You can decide your own price. 
* Your own time, you are your own boss. 
* Light work, hard work, lifting, you can do as you want.
* Definitely it's all my hard work but yes Co-Tasker made me able to utilise my skills and earn money without any boundaries.   
* Last but not least, very nice, friendly and active help care. Whenever I need them, I found them just behind me. 

Home services in Hamburg and Berlin.jpg


In a few words, working on Co-Tasker is a lifesaver. Not only for the customers who can find great offers and have their tasks completed but also for us that work with you and we had the chance during this pandemic to keep working and going on.

The simplicity of the app and the interface are the 2 major things that make me love this app.


Also, the way that the payment is handled with safety and then sent to us immediately, is something that I also love.


Last but not least, I love the customer support. Simply the best. Quick and ready to solve any issue.

Book local Co-Taskers.jpg


I love having a dialogue with people from different cultures and countries, as well as professions. Software developers, cooks and architects - you name it! While helping with translations, I've also met friends from all over the world which makes Co-Tasker such a fun platform to use.

Book local Co-Taskers.jpeg


One best thing that has kept me on this platform is the Co-Tasker Team who always care, help their Co-Taskers and do the best possible to solve if problems happen, the team is always there to help.

One thing that no one can deny is the timing. You can select the work which you want when you have time and what could be the reasonable amount for that, you are not bound. It's a platform that gives you freedom.

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