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How team Era Zero Waste used Co-Tasker whilst launching a ground-breaking product

Launching a new game-changing product comes with many different aspects that need to be researched, trialled and tested before going into the market with a bang.

One brand who is the first to offer self-care and home-care products in home-compostable packaging is Era Zero Waste.

The Berlin-based startup offers zero waste, natural self-care products that come from nature and disappear in nature.

Era’s innovative system makes it easy for everyone to be zero waste in three steps:

  1. Get full bottles or refills in your postbox.

  2. Refill it yourself.

  3. Home-compost your empty refill pouches.

The startup also prides themselves on their self-care subscriptions that are not only good for you but even better for the planet.

Keep reading to learn more about the founder behind Era Zero Waste Livia Zimermann, her journey to founding a startup in Berlin and how she used Co-Tasker to help with some time-consuming tasks in her business.

What's your mission with Era Zero Waste?

"Our mission is to make it easy for everyone to live zero waste and make a positive impact"

What inspired you to start Era Zero Waste?

"I was tired of feeling guilty about the situation and not doing enough, but I couldn’t find a practical way for me to become zero waste. Even refills came in disposable plastic. I needed better options, we all needed it and I was certain that technology would take us there."

What has your experience been like so far as a Founder in Berlin?

"There are many impact start-ups in Berlin and the community is extremely supportive. As a founder of an impact start-up, I can reach out for help in the scene easily.

In general, the start-up scene in Berlin is quite diverse. There are many ways to help us to connect with founders from different start-up ecosystems.

What I value the most in Berlin is that the start-up scene is very international which makes it possible to found a company even with far from excellent German skills."

What does community mean to you?

"Community is crucial for me. Without the community, I wouldn't have been able to set up ERA zero waste. I rely on the support of our volunteers, the access to knowledge… Community is like a family to me.

The impact of the start-up community is very strong. I guess because we have a common mission which is a profound basis."

How do you use Co-Tasker?

"Co-Tasker is helping us mainly with logistics and shipping which are super important but also time-consuming.

Another great experience was in our newest employee relocation process. Since she doesn't speak german, an amazing Co-Tasker helped her in her visits to official appointments. That made a massive difference.

Overall, Co-Tasker supports us in time-consuming and important tasks like these ones, helps us increase the wellbeing of our team and allows our small team to focus on building our next products."

Check our era products here:

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