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Safety is at our core

Co-Tasker provides a safer solution to existing ways of finding local help and work opportunities.

Here are 5 reasons why finding help through Co-Tasker is safe:

I.D. verified Co-Taskers.png

1. All Co-Taskers who work on the platform are I.D. verified

Before applying for tasks, all Co-Taskers are required to submit their personal details, a copy of their I.D. card or passport and a selfie. This is so that we can validate each and every Co-Tasker who offers their services on the platform.

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2. Profiles, Reviews and Reliability Rating

We’ve built Co-Tasker in a way that gives you as much transparency as possible.


Before deciding on which Co-Tasker to work with you can learn more about their skills and professional experience, as well as, how they completed past work on Co-Tasker and their professionalism in terms of reliability!

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3. Our very special ‘Task Contract’

When you book a service through Co-Tasker, a Task Contract is formed that protects both parties.

The Co-Tasker is obliged to complete your task in full as promised, and they are liable for any damage that could happen during task completion. In return, the Co-Tasker is protected by the cancellation policy and is guaranteed payment if they complete the task.

Secure Payment Method on Co-Tasker.png

4. Our Safe Payment Method & No cash payments

On Co-Tasker your payment is securely reserved in the Co-Wallet safe payment system, and when you’re satisfied with the completion of the task, with a few taps you can release your reserved payment to the Co-Tasker.

Our easy extra payment feature also means that you can pay your Co-Tasker more if they work overtime, without needing to run to the ATM or exchange bank details.

At Co-Tasker we also never encourage the earning of black money, hence why we require all tasks to be paid for through the app.

Your Co-Tasker Communication Team.png

5. Your Co-Tasker Support Team

Finally, it goes without saying that no matter what you do through Co-Tasker you always have your Co-Tasker Support Team here for you.


Co-Tasker acts as an intermediary for all tasks that happen on the platform, we make sure to always help with cancellations, refunds and we never leave our users in the dark!


We’re ready to support you whenever you have questions or need assistance.

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