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Co-Tasker’s Christmas Gift Guide

We’re back for our third year running, Co-Tasker’s Christmas Gift Guide supporting local businesses! This year we wanted to take a different route when it comes to gift-giving.

While everyone loves new socks, soaps and shiny things, why not gift someone you love a non-traditional unique experience or present? A gift that will make them say “HOW ON EARTH DID YOU THINK OF THAT?!” (and don’t worry you can totally take all the credit).

From mini-hotels and off-the-curb tours to the gift of music and even naughtiness to keep your house HOT on cold winter nights: Here’s our 2022 local Christmas Gift Guide:


Do you know someone who loves extraordinary overnight adventures whilst seeing beautiful regional destinations?! But without staying in generic stuffy hotels? Introducing ‘slube’.

slubes are mini-hotels that are sustainable, space-saving, comfortable and just down right cool! “If you want to travel individually, ecologically and up-to-date, you've come to the right place."

The slubes are in three extraordinary locations in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg. With TV, WiFi, smart heating and lighting, you’ll feel instantly comfortable and at home even though away from home!

"Probably, you've never spent the night so innovatively: Whether it's a short weekend trip or an extended holiday, in the slubes you'll experience a stay with an extraordinary adventure ambience”

You can book the slubes directly from here.

Walk With Us Tours

Is your friend, colleague or loved one new to Berlin? Or perhaps you live outside of Berlin and you’re looking to gift a fun treat as part of your trip?!

Treat them to out-of-the-ordinary foodie experiences across Berlin with local experts - Walk With Us Tours! By gifting this experience, you can indulge in Berlin’s history, culture, food and drink.

“At Walk With Us Tours, we’re all about championing the city we love and the incredible food found here. Sure, we enjoy kebabs and currywurst as much as anybody else. Still, when we began crafting our food tours, we decided we wanted to deliver foodie experiences unlike those found elsewhere”

You can see from Walk With Us Tours’ Google Reviews how much their past guest LOVED their experiences!

From Gourmet and Craft Beer Tours to International Street Food and Vegan tours, check out the best of what Berlin has to offer!


Know someone who LOVES food but HATES cooking? Or perhaps they just have zero time to cook?!

Give the gift of a full and satisfied stomach! Frizza makes eating home-cooked meals easy, accessible and waste-free. They offer freshly prepared & homemade dishes which are delivered frozen to home or the office.

All of the frizza dishes are freshly cooked where you can eat them as if you cooked it from scratch yourself, without any nasty industrial products, additives or preservatives! Using only high-quality ingredients, that are perfectly preserved and always at hand.

Worried about packaging? Frizza helps cut down on plastic and waste with compostable packaging. How awesome!

Some of our frizza favourites include Eggplant “Parmigiana” €8, Pumpkin Gnocchi € 9, Lamb Meatballs € 9, Baked Cheesecake € 6 and Chocolate Cake € 5!

Create a holiday care pack for your loved one. So they can enjoy delicious food all (usually grey and miserable) January.

Order directly from the frizza website!


Okay, it’s time to heat things up in here! Want to treat a special someone this holiday season?

AMOREZE is a luxury lingerie brand from Berlin. Designs created as a tribute to women of this world.

Atelier Amoreze creates leather harnesses and sensual lingerie that will make you feel unstoppable.

“We’ve never met a body we couldn't fit. Custom-fitted leather lingerie. We know bodies, speak curves, and worship your waistline. Be the first to find your perfect fit.”

All pieces, lingerie and leather harnesses are created and handmade to order, with love and care, in their atelier in Berlin.

Want to know what’s even spicer? AMOREZE is offering a special 15€ off each order that comes from this gift guide*. A special discount just for you! Use code: Together2022

*(15 % off entire order (minimum purchase of €90.00, all customers, no usage limits, can’t be combined with other discounts, active from 21 Nov to 10 Dec).

You can buy AMOREZE pieces from their website here.

Want to learn more about the founders behind the brand? You can learn more here or contact the AMOREZE team here.


Know someone who LOVES pampering and staying on top of all the new skincare trends? Get this revolutionary new product just released on the market…

Lyfta is an innovative project based on pre-cut kinesiotape patches that allow easy integration of facial taping in the beauty routine.

What is the facial tape for? The facial kinesiotapes increase blood circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage and support the muscles. The additional supply of oxygen and nutrients boosts the production of collagen and elastin, lifts and tones skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and stimulates important detoxification processes.

The Lyfta patches are made out of natural, breathable cotton and a gentle, less sticky, waveform hypoallergenic glue.

Lyfta is currently offering two kits of pre-cut patches for two different parts of the face:

A Forehead Kit and a Mouth and Cheek Kit. Each shape is specifically designed to suit the area to be treated.

For best results, Lyfta recommends using the kit daily and leaving it on for 6-10 hours - ideally overnight. Prices start at 16€ for the 7-Day and 38€ for the 30-Day kit.

You can buy all the Lyfta products from their website here!

Spiral School Of Music

Music not only gives people a creative outlet but also an emotional one. Give someone special the gift of music and a skill for life.

Founded in 2012, Spiral School Of Music provides high-quality multilingual music courses for children ages 3+ and adults of any level in Berlin, Germany and online.

From violin and piano to singing and recorder lessons, the Spiral School Of Music offers one-to-one lessons to children and adults of all levels.

Their team consists of highly educated and experienced music teachers and lessons are avialable in German, English, Russian and Bulgarian.

Each course is customised for each individual student depending on their specific needs and goals!

The school also offers help with auditions, exam preparation as well as performing opportunities.

Purchase a customised lessons gift card by contacting Spiral School Of Music through their website.

Still not found the perfect gift for that certain someone?

Why not check out our previous gift guides for amazing gifts from local makers and creators?


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