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Christmas Gift Guide: Support Local Businesses

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

While some of us are coming to terms with the fact that our normal Christmas plans will be affected this year. Local Business Owners are still trying to keep up with the ever-changing demands and restrictions.

This time of the year is usually the busiest for Business Owners with the run-up to Christmas. However, due to the current situation with Christmas markets, some shops shut down and some people self-isolating, it's a tough time for many of them.

Here at Co-Tasker, we want to do what we can to Small Business Owners through these tough times and help them connect with new potential customers.

As the saying goes ‘It takes a village’, so why not leave the high street behind this year and look at the incredible small businesses making fun, quirky and artisanal products that will make great gifts for your loved ones?

From home to beauty, we've rounded up some Berlin businesses which we think offer great Christmas gifts.

*Sadly we cannot mention everyone we found or heard of so please feel free to add any business you may know in a comment below as it can go a long way for them.

For those wondering what they can do to help more in a free or inexpensive way, you can also follow the instructions below:

Engage with and share their social media posts, sign up to their emails newsletters, if you had a positive experience with one of them then leave a great review on their Google Business page, share their business card and tell others about them via word of mouth.

All of these actions will not only help to attract more customers but it’s also a morale boost for the business owners.

Now let’s start sharing with you what we found...

Fun & Different

The creations of Kamila Majcher, a Berliner artist who updates traditional wall plates with a blunt phrase that resonate with our modern days. The concept is not particularly new but it has its own very strong style which we absolutely love.

Unique and sassy is the best way to describe the work of this artist. Perhaps not what you want to get for your grandparents but definitely something different for the younger generation which they can relate to.

Natasa is an Illustrator artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina living in Berlin. She finds her inspiration from childhood memories and nostalgia for times that have long passed away. People and feelings are important parts of her illustrations as well as her colour palette harmony. Her printmaking approach makes her work unique and will take you away. You can email her directly through her Instagram page for any enquiries.

Berlin Gin brand founded by a trio of guys who want to produce finely brewed and small-batch handcrafted alcohol from local German grain. Their gins are very well made, and interesting due to double distillation. They have a great selection of bottles with high-quality botanical ingredients sourced from selected farmers.


candlelix was born out of a desire to do good. Their core principle and hope is to be your companion in spirit, just like a candle's flame that's sending you love and light to your life's journey. All of their products are made in Berlin with the highest care, love and attention. Their handcrafted home fragrance collection consists of hand-poured soy wax candles and eco-friendly reed diffusers.

You can check out their website for various scents and find that perfect gift for your loved ones.

Natural and sustainable dried flowers brand based in Berlin. They select the highest-quality flowers and only work with European dealers to make by hand sustainable products. They only work with the natural colours of the flowers and avoid artificially coloured ones as they are not only bad for the environment but bad for your breathing.

All of their designs are unique, inspired by nature and the seasons. The perfect gift to decorate homes in a stylish and sustainable way.

A hand-made brand based in Berlin with locally sourced organic cotton and hand-picked Moroccan tassels from the old Medina of Tetouan. Migramah blends traditional Moroccan weaving with modern design. From plant hangers to wall hanging pieces, it is a great gender-neutral gift for people of all ages. Sales are through their Instagram page.


The Plant Box is a small company in Berlin offering everyone the opportunity to enjoy a new balcony feeling - without dirt and great effort.

They aim to make balconies more meaningful with a bigger impact for the city and environment. Their boxes also offer a nesting place for insects and birds that will make any balcony colourful and peaceful.

Deborah Choi came up with the idea for horticure in 2018 when trying to fill her flat with beautiful plants — and, very importantly, keep them alive. It is the perfect place for beginners who wish to become plant parents. The concept is fairly simple: bridging plant owners with qualified and friendly horticulturists to support across any issue affecting their plants, with the aid of technology.

You can then purchase plants from them and get all the support you need to keep them alive. A great concept which could be an amazing Christmas idea for both beginner and advance plant lovers.

Petite Jungle is a terrarium studio from Berlin, founded by landscape architect Aurelie Morgen. If you've not heard of Terrariums, they are mini-ecosystems made of plants and moss in beautiful closed glass vessels. You rarely need to water them so it makes it a perfect gift for the notorious plant killer. Plus it brings a bit of green to the house! Every piece is unique and from recycled glass or used glasses that are sent for a second use!

Fashion & Accessories


ADORE is a handmade jewellery brand located in Berlin. The artist designs minimalist, classic pieces which are all unique and can be customized. There is a variety of products from bracelets to necklaces. You can find all the products on the artist’ Etsy page.

It is a unique concept store which gives an overview of the French culture and art de vivre through fashion, art and food. A great place to find a Christmas gift and where you can browse through a variety of products, from accessories, decorations and lifestyle pieces. They also have a little cafe selling french delicacies making you want to stay for hours.

They opened their doors in November and you can find their opening hours on their Facebook.

Petit Oli is a baby goods and clothing shop in the heart of Berlin. Hand embroidered with care and sewn individually. All products are 100% cotton, pre-washed and with labels in organic soft cotton, properly made just for little ones. All their products can be found on their Etsy page and are the absolute cutest.


Non-alcoholic cocktails for every occasion! Small business in the capital and inspired by the ancient craft of distillation. They only use natural ingredients of the highest quality as the founders wanted to create an incredible taste experience that was also non-alcoholic.

You can check out their website for more details about their distillery process as well as the flavours they offered. The good gift idea for those who don't drink alcohol or a good placebo cocktail for those planning a dry January.

Soap soon is an artisan soap project by Hanna Kang. Soop might sound like soup but it means “the forest” in Korean. The forest is where all the different natural lives coexist. This is exactly what Hanna is trying to reproduce in her work: a combination of natural and colourful elements to care for your skin, mind and the earth.

Head over her website to find out more about our beautiful soaps - and customized gifts.

Judith and Lena are the founders of this small traditional Chinese medicine business in Berlin. They believe that a holistic and mindful lifestyle is the basis for a fulfilled and healthy life. They want to share their experience of alternative healing methods through their own range of natural latte products.

Find them all on their website.

Need help with gift-wrapping or getting your gifts to the post office? Or perhaps you need help with personal shopping altogether?

Book a Co-Tasker to help you with all of your Christmas to-dos!

Laurine Lalande is an Interior Designer with much experience in commercial projects. Previously, Laurine worked as a visual merchandiser for many retail brands in the United Kingdom. She graduated with honours from Middlesex University in London with a Degree in Interior Design & Architecture.


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