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Co-Tasker's Local Christmas Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again! Everyone is starting to think about gifts for their colleagues, friends, and loved ones.

Not sure what to buy for someone? It’s okay, deciding on the perfect gift can be tricky. But nothing is nicer than something unique, handmade and created by a local maker.

At Co-Tasker we love promoting talented local businesses and creators, who enjoy using their creativity to make special gifts.

From unique jewellery and ethical self-care kits to home accessories and Christmas decorations that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Home & Plants

Want to buy someone a gift for their home? Or perhaps a special Christmas tree decoration? You’re in the right place!

capsule gardens berlin

Know someone who loves plants? Or perhaps you have a friend who would like to have more plants but has no idea how to look after them…

capsule gardens is a botanical and artisanal project with a minimalist and modern approach. Each capsule is made by hand and consists of the miniature landscape under glass, with the perfect formula for water balance, adequate soil, and plants.

By thriving almost independently they let the most active city dwellers enjoy nature.

In this bonsai capsule lives a small Ficus microcarpa ‘Ginseng’. He likes to get a haircut done regularly, but don’t worry! You won’t meet any other bonsai with more patience for your cutting skills. He is super easygoing and thriving in most conditions, as long as it's not direct sunlight.

In this terrarium lives a small Ficus benjamina ‘Natasja’ bonsai, plant commonly known as weeping fig, benjamin fig or ficus tree is a species of the family Moraceae, native to Asia and Australia. This tropical fig cultivar with unusually tiny leaves has a great proportion to create a small landscape inside of the glass.

Thinking smaller? Especially for Christmas, there are smaller terrariums available as well as Xmas kokedamas!


Handmade gifts are made with care, time and love by the creator. Iva, the creator behind Macramelva, is a Croatian girl living in Berlin who discovered macrame a couple of months ago and very quickly it became a big joy and part of almost her every day.

Through macrame methods, Iva creates hangers, coasters, bookmarks, wall hangings, the tree of life and gifts for little ones. She’s even started making macrame Christmas decorations just in time for Christmas!

Get ready for Christmas with these little macrame Christmas decorations, they are just what you need to make any Christmas tree jolly. They are also perfect little gifts for friends and families.

- Material: 3mm or 5mm recycled cotton

- Dimensions: 7 to 12 cm

- Available in different colours

Wall hangings can be a perfect gift for someone who moved to a new home!

This wall hanging design is made of 8 different knot types, and almost 100m of rope, and together make this wall hanging "Ruža". Ruža means rose in Iva’s native language.

All these different knots make this design special, unique and close to her heart. That is why she feels the name fits just perfectly.

- Material: 5mm recycled cotton cord and sticks sourced from around Berlin.

My Woolen Friends

Stop! We can’t take it anymore, look how CUTE!

My Woolen Friends is a place where you can find unique needle-felted decorations. Handmade in Berlin, Germany, all decorations are created out of quality sheep wool, which makes each piece natural and environmentally friendly. The wool is sourced from small businesses or family businesses in Europe.

Needle felting is a meticulous technique of wool sculpturing, the creation time of one piece can take between three and seven hours, depending on the design, size and difficulty.

A completely natural product, that can be used on multiple occasions, from celebrating autumn to hanging beautifully as ornaments in your Christmas tree.

- Multiple colours available.

These are Christmas tree baubles that come in a set of 4 differently sized baubles of the same design. There are more classic designs, like the "Snowflake" design that come on a dark red or dark blue bauble, a minimalist design that is the "Snowman" and a very playful design that is "Candy".

A winter decoration, that has the power to melt your heart in an instance!

He will look adorable no matter where you place him, regardless if he's on your desk, under the tree or on the window sill, looking outside and bringing joy to everyone that passes by!

You can buy the above Christmas decorations and other Woolen Friends from The Woolen Friends website. Keep up to date with the new creations from their Instagram here.

Self Care

Everybody deserves a little self-care, especially around the holidays when you’re rushed off your feet with celebrations and planning!

Happy Zero Waste

Two Christmas gift sets that we love, not only because we can just imagine how nice these products must feel on the skin, but because they are so great for the environment too.

Happy Zero Waste is based in Berlin and brings you sustainable and alternative choices of products to help to reduce waste and embrace a minimalist lifestyle. Made by the emerging brands and local artisans that are looking to reduce their footprint.

The brand 'TOUN28' is an innovative Korean natural cosmetics brand that not only cares for our skin but also protects the environment. They Introduced the world’s first recyclable paper container.

- 100% natural raw materials and ingredients from organic farming

- Biodegradable paper containers apart from the cap

The brand 'Aromatica' from South Korea selects natural and organic ingredients to deliver safe and authentic products in 100% recycled glass and plastic containers.

- Cruelty-free and strictly avoids animal-derived ingredients

- Eco-cert certified

- 100% recycled glass and plastic containers

Officine Oils

Know someone that’s feeling stressed, tired, in need of a well deserved unwind… We have just the gift!

Officine Oils is the merging of art and science. Scents formulated to capture the spaces between the natural world and the ethereal realms. A blend of traditional herbal formulation, natural perfumery and organic raw ingredients ethically sourced to soothe mind, body & soul.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Violet Flower | Heart Notes: Honey, Oud, Vanilla

| Base Notes: Vetiver, Amber

- Hand-poured in Paris

- French Beechwood Wick from France

- 30 Hour Burning Time

Formulated from active ingredients with regenerating properties such as rare and precious Frankincense & Lavender essential oils, golden Jojoba oil and delicate Rosehip Oil.

- Suitable for all skin types, particularly sensitive skins.

- Made with 100% organic ingredients

Drawing from these traditions and her background in chemistry and design, Celine Chappert founded Officine Oils in 2019 to create scents that are rich and mysterious, yet deeply familiar. Her fine herbal preparations are hand-poured and bottled in her apothecary in Paris, France.

Shop the Officine Oils products on their website here, and follow them on Instagram to learn more about their brand and products.

Art, Cards and Stationery

Kaitlyn Parker Design

“In the current days of zoom calls, emails, chats, and texting, it’s nice to have something personal and tangible to give your loved ones….so, let’s bring back handwritten letters and snail mail this season!!!” And we couldn’t agree more!

Everyone knows that feeling… You open your postbox and have a letter (something besides bills) waiting for you inside! Isn’t that a lovely feeling?

Send Kaitlyn's lovely hand-made cards to friends and family to let them know you’re thinking about them over the Holidays.

1 for 1,90€ | 5 for €7,00 | 10 for €10,00 (shipping fees & VAT not included).

Prints only, not an original | Size: A6 (148 x 105 mm) | Paper: 300 g

1 for 2,95€ | 5 for 10,00€ | 12 for 20,00€ (shipping fees & VAT not included).

Prints only | Cards are 15x10.5cm when folded closed | All cards are blank inside and come with one white envelope

Kaitlyn Parker is a US-American born freelance illustrator who has lived and worked in Berlin since 2012. She is well known for her colourful, upbeat designs. Berlin is a big inspiration for the artist and a motif you’ll see again and again in her work.

Check out Kaitlyn's whole collection of cards and postcards on her website here and contact her to make a purchase. You can follow her on Instagram here to keep up to date with all her creations!

Tanya Doan Art - ‘Apathetic Sheep’

Introducing apathetic sheep! They are sheep that simply say MEH, created by multimedia media artist Tanya Doan.

apathetic sheep can be found in the wild as artwork and illustration. “They generally give zero f**ks, and elicit amused giggles through their absurd and half-hearted “antics”. Often, they hang out and just do their thing”.

Reminds you of someone you know? The apathetic sheep cards/postcards, pins or notebooks could be the perfect gift for them.

Soft enamel pin of an apathetic sheep - add flair to your look!

A pocket-sized notebook, featuring an inverted flock of apathetic sheep. Perfect for on-the-go notes and doodles. Handmade with love!

Send a message to a loved one with these greeting cards!

Wie geht’s?…….Meh!

These apathetic sheep postcards were designed as a tribute to life in Berlin and printed locally with love.

You can purchase these BARRRilliant (sorry, we had to) apathetic sheep products directly from Tanya’s website, and follow her on Instagram to keep up with the apathetic sheep’s journeys in Berlin.

Handmade Jewellery & More

Bunte Markhor

Bunte Markhor brings centuries-old indigenous Pakistani handicrafts to the wider world. An ethical business headquartered in Berlin, it is home to a curated selection of lifestyle and fashion products, handmade by artisans from across Pakistan.

A lightweight handmade chamakpatti box. With truck art embellishments on all sides (including the lid), it is perfect to hold your trinkets or collect knick-knacks.


Statement bangle, Mughal is handmade with art stones, silver metal beads and gold zari, and has suede finishing.

This bangle is made by artisans from marginalised communities and Afghan refugee camps at Karachi’s Al-Asif Square, empowered by Craft Stories. Under the collaborative venture between Huma Adnan and United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), a group of about 25 female artisans were mentored, helped to hone their craft, taught new techniques, introduced to designs for the urban population, provided with all the required raw material and then tasked to create jewellery under the mentorship of Adnan herself.

Bunte Markhor is a Women-led startup in Berlin committed to craft preservation, social mobility for artisans and education for the transgender community in Pakistan.

You can buy their products from their website while learning more about the creators and their stories behind the brands. Follow them on Instagram to support them and their creators.

Claire's Origami

Clair produces Origami jewellery and creations in her small workshop in Berlin.

Clair carefully chooses which papers to work with: from washi papers and magazine papers (pictures of dresses, flowers, landscapes) to tea bags.

After carefully folding her origami creations, she applies two layers of varnish with a small brush to make the pieces resistant to water.

Claire makes earrings, necklaces, brooches, hair accessories and baby mobile decorations.

- All jewellery is sent in handmade boxes.

- All shipments are made with tracking numbers.

Delicate Ministitches

Laura is a Chilean Masters student living in Berlin. While living in Chile in 2019, Laura started to make hand-embroidered jewellery and accessories.

Every Delicate Ministitches piece is made with extreme care and love, and she finds inspiration for her pieces in flowers and landscapes.

Laura offers her hand-embroidered motifs on earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings and pins.

Want something one-of-a-kind? Laura also makes custom orders!


Stern Exports

How can we forget our furry friends this Holiday season! Dogs love presents too!

If you’re looking for luxury pet living, then look no further!

Stern Exports is all about creating new ideas, new products to fulfil your needs. Their mission is to create pet products you’ve never seen before. All of the materials used are hand-picked for design, comfort, texture and durability.

Even the most demanding of dogs will love to sleep & relax on these comfortable and beautiful cotton beds. Edges of the bed serve as a pillow for your pet and create a feeling of security, soft textured cosiness, and comfort.

Keep your baby warm and cosy with this new cosy blanket. Made from super soft fur, comfortable and perfect for naps and snuggles.

- 100% Washable

- Super Soft

- Super Cozy

- High quality

Stern Exports also sells bandanas, leashes, collars and more!

You can buy the above product from Stern Exports on their website or contact to customise your order!

And that's it! We're happy to share such lovely products from amazing local Creators in Berlin, Hamburg and Potsdam. We hope this guide has helped you sort out a few of your presents, and at the same time, know that you've supported local businesses, Makers and their craft.

Did you enjoy this gift guide? Feel free to share it with friends and family!


Need help with wrapping, errands and running to the post office? Or perhaps you need a hand with installing Christmas lights and decorations.

Post your FREE task ad on Co-Tasker and find local help with all your Christmas tasks!


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