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10k Work Opportunities Created on Co-Tasker

We’re thrilled to share that Co-Tasker has now created over 10,000 work opportunities for local professionals and small businesses!!!

From the beginning, it’s been one of our missions to provide local communities with flexible working opportunities, and you can’t believe how happy the Co-Tasker Team is with this news.

On Co-Tasker we’re passionate about providing a platform where self-employed individuals and small business owners are given the freedom to trade their skills how they desire and are empowered to offer their services.

“To witness something that we started as an idea to help the community, and seeing that it has created 10k work opportunities, makes me tremendously proud.

I’m delighted that all this hard work is benefiting the professionals that work through Co-Tasker”

- Tarek - Co-Tasker’s Co-Founder & CEO

With the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been one hell of a tough year and a half for everybody!

Many lost their jobs, many needed to continue supporting their income, their families.

And so, we’re proud to have been a go-to platform for many people who turned to Co-Tasker and started providing their professional services through us.

We’ve seen many professionals grow with us over this short time. And every day we’re grateful for their hard work.

“We’re immensely proud of this achievement. Seeing the people benefit from Co-Tasker, growing with us, earning with us, enjoying with us. It brings me pure joy.” - Amelia - Co-Tasker’s Co-Founder & COO

We started this platform, all in the hope that we can help people, communities.

And so, this news means the world to us.


Are you looking to offer your professional services to your local community? Download the Co-Tasker app for free and apply to become a Co-Tasker.

Need help with a task? Download the app, post your free task and start receiving offers from local professionals!


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