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Co-Tasker is live in Hamburg!

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

‘Moin Moin’ we are thrilled to share with you that Co-Tasker is LIVE IN HAMBURG! 🥳

As Germany’s second-biggest city, it was a goal of ours to offer Co-Tasker’s solution and platform to the people of Hamburg!

Hamburg's 2021 population is now estimated at 1.78m and the population has begun to bounce back as people are drawn to the technology-related employment opportunities in the city. Passionate about education, Hamburg has a high concentration of universities.

The city is best known for its famous harbour area, the Port of Hamburg. Which is actually one of the largest harbours in Europe.

Want to know something cute that fills our international hearts?

Every ship receives a special greeting when it comes into port! Downriver from Hamburg, there is a “Willkomm-Höft” (welcome point) which welcomes every ship coming in with the national anthem of their country.

We love the unique character and history of the city. The port has many trade routes that still stretch across the globe. The city was an important port of departure for many immigrants to the New World.

Known as the "Venice of the North", the city of Hamburg has many waterways and canals. Speaking of Venice: Hamburg has 2,500 bridges, that’s more than Venice, Amsterdam and London combined.

Londoners, Berliners… and yes, men from Hamburg are called ‘Hamburger’, and women are called ‘Hamburgerin’.

Another fun fact about Hamburg: It has more weekly markets than any other European city!

Every week more than a million people visit one of the one hundred weekly markets. One of Hamburg’s most famous markets is the Fischmarkt by the River Elbe which takes place every Sunday morning from 7 am to 9:30 am.

In fact, many locals come together to get a cheeky little beer, get a little tipsy and buy fish at Der Fischmarkt (You might also see people coming straight from the club to the market).

We’re looking forward to this next chapter for Co-Tasker in Hamburg.

We’re interested to see how the Hamburg Co-Tasker Community will use the platform, and how the tasks posted will differ from that of Berlin.

In any way, we’re excited to see the community grow there just like it has in Berlin!



Do you live in Hamburg and need help with something?

Have friends and family in Hamburg? Feel free to share the above code with them!


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