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From the Founder: How the concept of Co-Tasker was born

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Hey guys, Tarek here. Founder and CEO of Co-Tasker. I'm so happy to be taking you on my journey with Co-Tasker...

It was December 2015 when I arrived in Berlin, and like many other Syrians that came to Germany, getting everything I needed to start my new life wasn't an easy task. As soon as I arrived, I wanted to start working, however, in order to work and make money I needed to have connections to find opportunities, and speak enough German, not only to pass an interview but to work effectively in an ideal job.

Whilst I was learning German, I would often think about the ways that I could help people and make money: I have skills, I can fix things, and I’m able to carry things and deliver things the same as any other person my age. There were lots of ways I could have helped people in need whilst helping my own financial situation. I started to do some research online. Looking for small tasks within my skill set that I could do around studying German to make some money.

After an extensive search online, I soon came to realise that the current places online to find temporary work is either creepy and outdated or just not suitable for flexible short term jobs. I also came to realise that the problem wasn't only with people finding safe and flexible work in their local area but that there also wasn't a safe and convenient place where people can find help with one-off tasks. Then I thought why not create a platform where I could connect these people and solve both of their problems at the same time...

At the time, I worked with my brother and founded a general services and international logistics company. I learnt more and more about business and culture in Germany which fed into my small job/task platform idea. Eventually, I decided to take the plunge and focus on my idea, knowing that it was something that Germany and Europe were ready for.

I sat down and thought about what I wanted to create from this initial idea. I wanted to make the process of doing tasks and making money as easy as ordering a taxi ride. To create a modern and safe process where people can put trust in one other knowing that there are security checks and secure payment methods. I wanted to create a platform where people can use their skills and not worry about language barriers. Every day my idea grew and evolved.

I now have an exceptional team and a plan. A plan to not only have a successful business but also to help people and society to become a better place. Also to give something back to Germany who saved my life and helped me with every single step to become what I am now and to have a home.

You can now download Co-Tasker on iOS and Android


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