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Guidelines for

On Co-Tasker we’re passionate about providing the community with safe connections so that everybody can find fast local services and flexible work opportunities.

To maintain and grow such a community, guidelines are in place to ensure efficiency and the safety of the members who wish to work with one another.

Co-Tasker works hard to provide a community that is safe, fair and transparent. Our support team is always ready to assist when any issue may arise; we only ask in return that you follow these simple guidelines, so that everybody can enjoy the same high-quality experience.

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We kindly urge all members of the community to report when you suspect that another member is breaching the community guidelines.

When members of the community don’t follow the guidelines, Co-Tasker has strict measures and actions in place to uphold the integrity of the community; such as restricting further activity, removing content, deleting offers/posted tasks and suspending accounts.

Please note: The guidelines mentioned below might develop and change as the community grows so that we can always provide the best quality experience for all. 

1. Sharing personal information 

To ensure the safety and privacy of all of our members it’s not permitted to share personal information or 3rd party links outside of an official booking. Once a booking has been made, a 1-to-1 chat will open where you can share further information such as addresses. 

Personal information and 3rd party links (including, but not limited to, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, social media accounts and websites) are not allowed to be shared, in written form or via a picture attachment, in profiles, task ads, the question section or the offer section.

2. Visiting a task location without a booking

It’s the Co-Tasker’s responsibility to always ask for their service to be booked before going to the task location.

We understand that more complicated tasks might require a visit in order to offer an accurate quote. However, there is a very simple solution: Co-Taskers can always ask for more information/photos in the offer section, offer an estimated quote, and then ask to be officially booked.

Then if the task requires more/less money after the booking, extra payment can be requested through the app, or to reduce the amount, the Co-Tasker Support Team can directly assist with this matter.

The Co-Tasker Support Team can be contacted through the Help Center in the app.


3. Lead acquisition through the community

Co-Tasker works very hard to bring opportunities to the community, it’s not permitted to use the platform to acquire customers for your business outside of the platform. Doing so goes against the platform’s growth and takes opportunities away from other Co-Taskers who follow the community guidelines.

4. Applying for tasks that you cannot complete professionally

Co-Tasker is a platform that promotes the completion of high-quality work. We do not accept unprofessionalism or poor workmanship. Before applying for a task, please always question whether or not you can complete the task to the highest satisfaction for the client. 

Continuously carrying out low quality work will negatively impact your profile, and can lead to account restrictions.

Please note that Co-Taskers are legally liable for any damage caused during the task completion.

5. Short notice task cancellation

When you offer your service and make a deal about a specific date and time, the client relies on you.


Some clients also make additional plans that also rely on you coming and completing your task on that specific date/time.


Lateness, not responding and short notice cancellations can cause a lot of problems for clients. 

In the case that you must cancel, we urge you to let the client know within an appropriate time.


6. Asking for cash payments or payments outside the platform

Offering your services on Co-Tasker means that all payments must be paid in full through the Co-Wallet payment system on the platform.

Payment through the Co-Wallet payment system is mostly for your safety and to ensure that you will be paid for your hard work; which is guaranteed through the task contract that protects both parties.

Cash payments are not part of the system. Not only do cash payments encourage the earning of black money, but it’s also bad for both the Co-Tasker and the client as the transaction is not recorded.

Making a low price offer and then asking for the rest to be paid by cash, or via another payment method outside the platform, is also against the community guidelines. 

7. Your identity on Co-Tasker

Co-Tasker is dedicated to providing a trusted community where all members can feel safe. One way that builds safety and trust on the platform is through profile transparency.

All members who apply to become Co-Tasker are required to have a profile that accurately identifies them: All Co-Taskers are required to have a profile picture of themselves and their name on their profile must match that on their form of I.D.

Co-Taskers that do not have an accurate profile photo and/or name, that meets the below guidelines, will be asked to change their details:

> Name

Your real name must be the same as shown on your I.D. documents (passport, national identity card or driving licence).

> Profile picture

A clear headshot photo showing the Co-Tasker’s face, so it’s easily recognisable for other members.



8. Account use and responsibility

Accounts should be only used by the Co-Tasker who created their account. Clients are encouraged to check the identity of the Co-Tasker when they arrive at their task location.

If it’s found that the person is different to the account holder, the account will be automatically deleted and the Co-Tasker who created the account will be blocked.

If you work with additional helpers who assist you during your task, please inform the client before the booking.

If you are a business with employees that help during tasks, please create a business account by submitting your business documents in the certified qualifications section of your profile, and inform clients before bookings.

The Co-Tasker who created the account is responsible for the actions of any additional helpers or employees during task completion.



9. Untolerated behaviour and activities 

Community is one of our core values at Co-Tasker. No matter client, Co-Tasker or Co-Tasker employee, we do everything possible to ensure that everyone is treated with the same respect.

Bullying, trolling, hatred, violence or harassment of any kind is unaccepted and prohibited.


Degrading comments about things such as race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.

> Illegal activity

Co-Tasker takes the safety of its members seriously and so we monitor our community very closely.


Any form of crime is not tolerated on the platform: If there is suspicious activity, Co-Tasker has the right to block and hand over the account details of the member performing illegal activity to the local authorities.

10. Account eligibility

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in being part of the Co-Tasker community and potentially offering your services to local people. Before creating an account, please read the following age limits and legal aspects.

To offer your services as a Co-Tasker you must be 18 years or older. Co-Tasker is not able to enter a legal contract with people under the age of 18. Please note, when applying to become a Co-Tasker there is a thorough I.D. check.

All Co-Taskers must be legally eligible to complete tasks and earn money on the Co-Tasker platform. 

Following, we explain some legal aspects of applying for tasks on Co-Tasker as well as accepting applications. The statements do not claim to be correct and complete; for further information and help, please seek legal advice.


> Rules for refugees and asylum seekers


If you are a refugee (“Flüchtling”), an asylum seeker (“Asylsuchender”) or an applicant for asylum (“Asylbewerber”), you are not allowed to work in the first three months of your stay in Germany.


After these three months, the prohibition of employment is limited. At this point, you need an employment permit (“Arbeitserlaubnis”) from the foreigners’ registration office (“Ausländerbehörde”) and the consent of the employment agency (“Bundesagentur für Arbeit”) for the specific task you want to apply for. Only if the offices allow you self-employment, you are permitted to apply for it on Co-Tasker also.


Even after 48 months, when you generally could work for an employer, self-employment, as offered via Co-Tasker, is not allowed as long as it is not stated otherwise by the authorities. So, in most cases, it is forbidden to apply for tasks without a residence permit.


Persons with a residence permit (“Aufenthaltserlaubnis”), such as persons entitled to political asylum (“Asylberechtigte”), recognized refugees (“anerkannte Flüchtlinge”) and persons with subsidiary protection status (“subsidiär Schutzberechtigte”), may do every employment in general, especially self-employment like on Co-Tasker also.


Please ask advice from the foreigners’ registration office or your local refugees NGOs for further information. ​​

> Earning limits


Please beware of the existing earning limits in Germany. Minor employment in Germany is privileged. If you earn till 450 Euro per month or 5400 Euro per year, you are exempt from the liability to health insurance. But generally, you are still liable to pension insurance.


If you get the unemployment benefit two (“ALG II, Hartz IV”), you may earn money till 100 Euro per month overall, above the earning will be set off against the unemployment benefit. If you get the unemployment benefit one (“ALG I”), this limit is up to 165 Euro. You have to inform the employment agency (“Arbeitsagentur”) of your work.


These earning limits can change time by time; also note, that in your specific situation other earning limits may apply.


> Registration at the finance authority and tax declaration


Because applying for tasks on Co-Tasker is self-employed work, you must register your self-employment at the responsible finance authority before you apply for tasks.


You must state your income in your tax declaration because you are taxable as a self-employed person. This is required in every situation as long as you apply for tasks on Co-Tasker.


If you earn lower than 17.000 Euro the first and lower than 50.000 Euro in the following years, you are not obligated to create an (additional) turnover tax declaration.



> Business registration at your township


Possibly a business registration during your self-employment on Co-Tasker is required if your offered skills are classified as a business. A business is durable self-employment with the acquisition of gain. According to the characteristic and frequency of your applied tasks, you may be obligated to register your business at your township (“Gemeinde”).


Please note, that some employments are exempted from business registration, especially it is not required for scientific, artistic, authorial, teaching and educational employment.


Ask for advice at your township’s trade office if you are uncertain, whether you need a business registration or not.



> Illegal employment


Both, the Co-Tasker and the client must be sure, that the offered task is allowed, and the income will be taxed according to the fiscal law so that the income will not be concealed unlawfully.


It is forbidden to apply for a task or to offer a task that will be classified as illegal employment. You are liable to follow the legal obligations for offering and accepting self-employed work.

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