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Guidelines for Clients

On Co-Tasker we’re passionate about providing the community with safe connections so that everybody can find fast local services and flexible work opportunities.

To maintain and grow such a community, guidelines are in place to ensure efficiency and the safety of the members who wish to work with one another.

Co-Tasker works hard to provide a community that is safe, fair and transparent. Our support team is always ready to assist when any issue may arise; we only ask in return that you follow these simple guidelines, so that everybody can enjoy the same high-quality experience.

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We kindly urge all members of the community to report when you suspect that another member is breaching the community guidelines.

When members of the community don’t follow the guidelines, Co-Tasker has strict measures and actions in place to uphold the integrity of the community; such as restricting further activity, removing content, deleting offers/posted tasks and suspending accounts.

Please note: The guidelines mentioned below might develop and change as the community grows so that we can always provide the best quality experience for all. 

1. Sharing personal information 

To ensure the safety and privacy of all of our members it’s not allowed to share personal information or 3rd party links outside of an official booking.


Once a booking has been made, a 1-to-1 chat with the Co-Tasker will open where you can share further information such as addresses. 

Personal information and 3rd party links (including, but not limited to, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, social media accounts and websites) are not allowed to be shared, in written form or via a picture attachment, in profiles, task ads, the question section or the offer section.


2. Safe payments

Safety is at the core of everything that we do on Co-Tasker and so we understand that you want peace of mind when paying for services on the platform.

On Co-Tasker all payments are securely reserved in the Co-Wallet safe payment system. The safe payment system means that once you’re satisfied with the completion of your task, with a few taps you can conveniently release your reserved payment to the Co-Tasker.

Our easy extra payment feature also means that you can pay your Co-Tasker more if they work overtime or require more materials, without needing to run to the ATM or exchange bank details.

All tasks must be paid in full through the app. Cash, partial cash payments and other payment methods outside of the platform are not permitted and not part of the system.

Not only are cash payments inconvenient, not safe and encourage the earning of black money but they also are not recorded. Therefore Co-Tasker is unable to assist and issue refunds in the case of a dispute.

Completing your task and paying outside of the platform will mean that the T&Cs and Task Contract are not applied, Co-Tasker will not be able to assist with the task and both parties may face account restrictions.



3. Before, during, and after your task

Co-Tasker is your all-in-one platform that makes finding help with everyday tasks simple. Here are some simple tips to ensure that you have the best experience on the Co-Tasker platform when completing your task.

Always communicate effectively with the Co-Tasker you want to work with and make sure they have all the details about the task beforehand.

If you need to change the date or time of the task you can edit your task ad at any time and the Co-Tasker will be asked in the app for their confirmation.

It’s always advised to take photos before and after your task to document the completion in the unfortunate case of a dispute.

Please wait to release reserved payments to the Co-Tasker if you’re not satisfied with the task completion, instead contact us on so we can help resolve the issue for you.

Make sure to accept any extra payment requests before releasing reserved payments.


4. Verification of Co-Tasker's Identity Upon Arrival

Your security is of paramount importance to us. At Co-Tasker, we implement identity verification processes for all Co-Taskers before they can offer services or start work as independent contractors through our platform. This is a crucial part of our commitment to ensuring a safe and reliable experience for our clients.


In addition to our internal safety measures, we strongly recommend that Clients take a proactive role in ensuring their safety. Upon the arrival of a Co-Tasker, Clients should meticulously verify that the individual matches the profile information – including the photo and name – of the Co-Tasker they have booked for their task. This verification should occur before the commencement of any work or allowing the contractor access to the task location.


Should there be any discrepancy between the Co-Tasker present and the profile information (different profile picture or name), we advise you to immediately stop the task and contact the Co-Tasker Support Team for further assistance.


Please note that in certain instances, a Co-Tasker might operate with a team, but this is only allowed if there is a company registration verified and approved. If a team member, rather than the Co-Tasker themselves, is to complete the task, this should be clearly communicated in advance. For additional safety, Clients are encouraged to request the name and, if possible, a photograph of the team member attending the task location. Plus to take all measures possible to ensure their safety and keep the communication on the platform. 

5. Accountability

When you work with a Co-Tasker, both parties are accountable for their behaviour on the platform and during the completion of the task.

It’s your responsibility as a client and a member of the community to treat all members with respect. If a client repeatedly gives poor experiences to other members, or if Co-Taskers report that guidelines have been breached, then Co-Tasker may take action to remove task ads, or cancel tasks or suspend accounts.

6. Untolerated behaviour and activities in the community

Community is one of our core values at Co-Tasker. No matter client, Co-Tasker or Co-Tasker employee, we do everything possible to ensure that everyone is treated with the same respect.

Bullying, trolling, hatred, violence or harassment of any kind is unaccepted and prohibited.


Degrading comments about things such as race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.

> Illegal activity

Co-Tasker takes the safety of our members very seriously and so we monitor our community very closely. Any form of crime is not tolerated on the platform: if there is suspicious activity Co-Tasker has the right to block and hand over the account details of the member performing illegal activity to the local authorities.

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