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Why did we decide to offer Co-Tasker in German too?

Co-Tasker was created by two internationals living in Germany who wanted to help other international people to find a faster, safer and more convenient way to book help with everyday tasks and find local work opportunities.

Since our launch, Co-Tasker communities in Berlin, Hamburg and Potsdam have been growing every day. Not only has the Co-Tasker platform revolutionised the way local people book services, but the platform has also created thousands of work opportunities for skilled professionals since launching and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

We released the German version of Co-Tasker. But why did we do this?

During our journey, we saw that not only do internationals struggle with conveniently finding local professionals for everyday problems as well as flexible work opportunities… But we saw that many German people, despite speaking the local language, are also in need of a platform like Co-Tasker.

Co-Tasker is committed to connecting and growing communities.

By providing the platform and customer support in German and English more people can find help with everyday tasks and offer their services to their local communities.

Will this change how Co-Tasker operates, communicates and interacts with our existing international community?

For us, it’s important to continue to understand the problems all people face day-to-day, and we’re committed more than ever to making lives easier for people who move to and live in German cities. We will continue to provide our platform and top-quality support in English, as well as German.

What else is new?

With the new version of Co-Tasker comes auto-translation features throughout the app.


“With this new release, we are continuing our mission to strengthen and increase connections among communities. We are determined to tear down language barriers and to provide endless opportunities for communities to work together in an easier and mutually beneficial way!”

- Tarek Abousamra - Co-Founder & CEO of Co-Tasker


Now, both German and International Co-Tasker Members can enjoy 24/7, 365 days a year access to their local solution-focused community without having to worry about hours of research, quote comparison, unpredictable wait times, call-out charges for unsolved problems, and over-the-phone miscommunication.

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Need help with a task? Or looking for more local work opportunities? Download the Co-Tasker app and join the community.

🇩🇪 Brauchst du Hilfe bei einer Task, oder suchst du nach Arbeitsmöglichkeiten in deiner Umgebung? Lade die Co-Tasker App herunter und erstelle deine KOSTENLOSE Task-Anzeige.


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