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Where to find serviced apartments

Don’t know where to find a serviced apartment in Berlin, Hamburg or Munich? Look no further!

Looking for a not-so-temporary, not-so-permanent apartment, but something in between that you can live in for a period before you find your feet in a new city? With some luxury touches?

A serviced apartment could be the answer!

With a serviced apartment, you have everything you need as soon as you move to a new city without having to stress and buy everything right away!

Serviced apartments can be provided within separate residential complexes or within luxury hotels. Additional available services could include cleaning, laundry, breakfast as well as room service.

Serviced apartments are mostly charged per night (similar to hotels) however renting for longer periods often works out cheaper in the long run. The prices can range between €50 and €200 per night with additional services that will cost extra.

Here’s a list of places where you can find serviced apartments in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.

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