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We tidy after-party messes!

Sticky floors, bottles galore and the smell of stale smoke, food or booze in the air… It can only mean one thing…


Whilst you go get some fresh air and breakfast (döner), or get back in bed and binge-watch a series, leave the cleaning to a professional on Co-Tasker!

Here are the tasks Co-Taskers can do for you:


A professional on Co-Tasker can help you clean your surfaces and hoover/mop your floors leaving them clean and fresh.

Bottles and trash recycling

Instead of waiting until a few days later, get rid of those bottles, stinky cigarette buts and overflowing trash bags ASAP with the help of a Co-Tasker cleaner.

Washing and ironing

Want a fresh pair of sheets and towels? Or perhaps you stained your clothes? A professional Co-Tasker can help take care of your laundry!

Had the party in your office? Or at an event space?

No worries at all, Co-Taskers can of course come to other locations, easy peasy!

After all of these tasks, you can relax and remember your party for the fun it was, not the mess it caused.

Post your FREE task ad now and try to find someone today, or schedule them for after your party.


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