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We LOVE your pets

As humans, we love our furry friends! They are our family, and therefore making sure they are comfortable and happy is super important to us!

Not only do we welcome you to our community but your pets too!

Here are some convenient pet-related tasks that you can find help with on Co-Tasker


Do you have an energetic dog that needs to be taken on walks a lot? Or perhaps you’ve got a busy schedule at the moment and need a helping hand!

Pet sitting

It can be tricky taking our pets away with us, and not only are kennels expensive, but they can also be a stressful experience for our pets.

On Co-Tasker you can find someone to help you with pet sitting, so your pet stays in the most comfortable environment whilst you’re away.

Bath time!

You just KNOW when it’s time for your pet to have a bath! Ran off your feet with work or errands? Ask a Co-Tasker to help you with bath time!

Cat nets

When you have your windows open or balcony door unattended, it can be a great idea to install a cat net to keep your kitties safe! Why not ask a Co-Tasker to help you install one? It’s a safety precaution you won’t regret!

Need help with another pet-related task? Or something else? Post your free task ad now to find the best local offers of help!


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