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Bored of watching back-to-back TV shows during quarantine?

For many of us who worked in an office 5 days a week, it's easy to neglect home as a space where you rest, recuperate and play.

So, whilst being quarantined at home, nows the perfect time to look around your house and think about how you can improve the space you have.

A plant here, a new set of draws there. Some of us have lots of square meters to fill and experiment with, whilst others have a single bedroom and require more imagination to create a small haven.

So, instead of watching back to back Netflix shows from the 90's, create a new board on Pinterest, pull out the IKEA catalogue and let's get those creative juices flowing.

The first step to creating your perfect pad is to organise. Yes, unfortunately slightly boring stuff comes first, but you've got to understand how much space you actually have, and what pieces you need to buy to optimise your space.

During this process, you might realise that you have A LOT of stuff you need to throw out, donate and gift to friends.

Go for it, it's time for a spring clean, PLUS you can also burn off some calories and tone a little in the process (2 birds, 1 stone).

Once you've decluttered, you can measure your walls and existing furniture, ready for new pieces.

Want to make some big changes?

Kadiri is a Co-Tasker who lives in Mitte who can help you with building, decorating, painting and DIY projects.

Plus, he has all the tools and equipment you need so no don't need to splash out at Bauhaus.

Once you've organised and had a play with your space, you can start to think about style.

Spring always inspires freshness, a breath of fresh air. These days, there are TONS of Instagram pages dedicated to interiors and styling. So start scrolling and take screenshots for inspo.

Whilst looking for inspo, keep the size of your space in mind. For example, lots of dark colours and details in a small room can make the space seem even smaller.

Are you the type who has creative ideas but when it comes to putting them into action, the idea looks nothing like the results?

No worries, there are Co-Taskers just like Karol out there who are experts when it comes to creative execution. Just give him your ideas, measurements, ideal budget and he can help bring your ideas to life.

So, now that you've organised, decided on your design route and bought new furniture, it's time to assemble. Now, building furniture can be easy if it's just one item like a chair, but when you've bought tables, draws and maybe even a new wardrobe, you'll need someone to help. Co-Taskers like Santi are pros with assembly and can help you make sure new furniture is assembled correctly. There's nothing worse than buying a cupboard and the door doesn't close properly (trust us, it's super annoying...)

So, now that you've got your plan together and know that you have a dream team of experts waiting to help you on Co-Tasker, use this quarantine time wisely and plan your dream home in time for summer.



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