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No car? No driving license? NO PROBLEMO

Living in, or close to a city means that you can get away with not having the big expense of a car! With many convenient travel connections, there’s really no need.

HOWEVER, now and again you need a car or van to either move furniture, move house or transport a lot of things across the city.

Yes, there are car-sharing and taxi apps. But if you don’t have a license, haven't driven in a long time, or if you have A LOT of things to transport, you can find yourself in a bit of a pickle.

One great thing about Co-Tasker is that you’re in a community of people who want to help each other out.

Just around the corner, there is someone with a van or car that would love to help you and who’s available when you need them…. You just don’t know them yet!

Here’s how Co-Tasker can help you with transport:

Moving House/Office

On Co-Tasker you can find individuals and businesses who can help you shift your entire home or office. Not just within your city but regional and to countries close by!

Buying Big Items Online With No Delivery

Found a new sofa, bed, cabinet or whole kitchen on an online marketplace but no way to get it to your home? Post your FREE task ad and a local Co-Tasker can help you transport and carry your new purchase upstairs!

Transporting Items & Products

Need something picked up from the other side of the city?

Need more help than what a taxi driver could offer you?

Transporting lots of products, materials or documents for work?

Something else?

(Don’t forget, for all tasks you receive an automatic invoice in your or your business name).

So next time you need to book transport, you know where to look. CO-TASKER OF COURSE!


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