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Important moving out tasks!

Leaving your apartment soon? You might want to check off all of these points before you do so that your soon-to-be “ex-landlord” won’t keep your deposit!

Not moving any time soon? Forward this article to friends or family who are thinking of leaving their apartments/houses soon!

1. Fill holes & paint

It’s completely normal that during your time at your apartment you’ve caused a little wear and tear! Making sure that you look after the repairs and painting is important. Why?

Your landlord will pick a handy person/painter, and simply deduct the cost from your deposit… AND TRUST US, that cost could be HIGH.

2. Remove old furniture & kitchen

Thinking about leaving some of your furniture or perhaps your old kitchen for the next tenants?

Whilst this is a lovely thought, the landlord might not want you to leave anything behind, and they could charge you for having to remove and dispose of it.

Take no chances. Either sell your pre-loved items on eBay Kleinanziege or Facebook Marketplace, give them away on a Facebook Group that gives away free items OR you can book a Co-Tasker to remove, transport and recycle your things at BSR.

3. Handover clean

Similar points as mentioned above. Doing a final handover clean is a very important task you need to do when moving out, and it could be required due to your rental contract!

Handover cleans need to be completed by a professional, and on Co-Tasker you can find help with exactly that.

Need help with any of the above-mentioned tasks, or maybe something else?


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