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How to have the BEST night’s sleep

SLEEP AFFECTS EVERYTHING: Your energy levels, motivation with work and potentially your overall happiness!

You deserve a good night’s sleep. Finding the perfect sleep setup can be a bit tricky, but once you do get it right, it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

So here’s how you can make your perfect sleep space:


1) Mattresses MATTER

Splashing out the cash on a new mattress isn’t the top of our spending priorities, but sometimes we need these important upgrades in our personal life!

These days there are great online brands where you can pick an affordable mattress that comes to your house with great returning possibilities if you’re not happy with it.

Figure out what mattress suits you

However, we would suggest it’s better to head to IKEA first to see what type of mattress suits you. Soft, medium, hard? Sponge or springs or a mix. Memory foam?! Maybe you want to replicate a hotel bed with box springs?

When you also go in-store you can get some advice from the people working there. You might decide you want to buy somewhere else not IKEA, however, one attractive thing is their 1-year return policy!

Need help picking or returning your IKEA mattress? There are Co-Taskers with cars and vans that can flexibly help you when you need them!


2) Bed frame

Broken or missing bed slates or pallet beds can massively affect your body when sleeping, and therefore affect your posture when you’re awake. Think about upgrading your bed frame!

If you would prefer to spend on a mattress but not the frame, there are cheaper alternatives, you could also look on eBay or Facebook Groups to find perfect quality bed frames. However, we would never suggest buying 2nd hand mattresses!


3) Darkness

Thick thermo-blackout curtains and blinds will not only keep your bedroom warm but will create the perfect dark room to have a perfect night's sleep.

Need someone to install your new curtains or blinds? Post your FREE task ad now and book a handyperson on Co-Tasker to help you.

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