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Co-Tasker of the Month: Osama M

Finding help with small tasks can sometimes require big research efforts.

On Co-Tasker, we love quick, fast, easy-peasy solutions from reliable Taskers who make draining and time-consuming tasks a piece of cake.

Co-Taskers like Osama, always like to help Task Creators in the best way possible. Osama understands that moving and transport tasks can be quite stressful, and so he likes to combat them with a friendly face, positive energy and a helping hand. For this reason, we would like to make Osama our Co-Tasker of the Month.

Keep reading to learn more about Osama, his background and why he loves helping users in Berlin on Co-Tasker.

Hi Osama, tell us about yourself!

"Hello, my name is Osama. I’m 39 years old, from Syria. I have a Master's Degree in Economics and Accounting from Damascus University. I'm a father of three children, and I have now been living with my family in Berlin for 8 years. In terms of the professional skills I offer on Co-Tasker, I have more than 12 years of experience in transportation and removals, renovation, assembly, electrical work and plumbing."

What do you do outside of


"Outside of Co-Tasker, I work as an accountant for a tourism company in Berlin. I’m also the owner of a transport company."

What does ‘community’ mean to you?

"Well, working in Berlin is very interesting because it’s a very diverse society compared to all other countries. Naturally, there are a lot of different languages and mentalities. I like that there is a place for everyone here. It’s known as a city for creative people, however, entrepreneurs, immigrants and others come from around the world and make it a more interesting place."

Why do you like finding work on Co-Tasker?

"Continuing from my last point, Co-Tasker, in my opinion, is a miniature example of Berlin where I can connect with a lot of people. Where I can not only work with them and provide assistance but also gain new experiences and insights into different cultures."

What’s been your favourite task on Co-Tasker so far?

"My favourite task, that I always look forward to and enjoy is international transport across Europe. I also really enjoy Electrical and Assembly tasks."

Co-Tasker is a platform full of local skilled people, like Osama, who can help you with anything!

Download the Co-Tasker app below, and find help with everyday tasks in your home or business.

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