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Co-Tasker of the Month: Mathias G

Co-Tasker is nothing without the hardworking, skilled Co-Taskers that offer their help and services on the platform. Today, we wanted to highlight one of the Co-Tasker’s that has been with us since the beginning, Mathias.

Mathias is a talented Co-Tasker with a range of skills, from handy work to translations. Mathias has now completed 45 tasks on Co-Tasker and the users he helps appreciate him not only for his hard work but for the positive energy and support that provides on every task.

Check out our interview with Co-Tasker’s first Co-Tasker of the Month.

Hi Mathias, tell us about yourself

"I was born and raised in Germany. I initially left school after the 10th grade, I was already very much into cars and I started an apprenticeship as a metalworker. I continued to get more involved by completing my own repairs on my cars.

I guess it was during that time where I started to constantly pursue learning new things and I’ve never stopped. Even though now I'm a full-time office worker, I stay true to my skills in craftsmanship."

What do you do outside of Co-Tasker?

"I am currently exiting out of my work contract with Expedia and I’m still undecided if I am going to enter a masters program in the fall, or start a new role with a company that is a better fit to my personal believes.

In the meantime, I'm keeping busy with my hobbies, which consist of all possible sporting activities, and I also have a couple of trips lined up."

How long have you lived in Berlin? What’s your favourite thing about the city?

"I have been now been in Berlin for a little over a year, and my favourite part is definitely all the food options in town."

What does ‘community’ mean to you?

"It means to me that we get to know each other while learning about our strengths as well as weaknesses, and where we can come together as a unity that is there for each other."

What’s been your favourite task on Co-Tasker so far?

"My favourite task by far has been the day that I spent with Noaz going around town trying to find a suitable car for his upcoming movie production.

This task was not like the usual ones I do, where most likely in my case I would complete handyman work, but rather a real adventure where we both got to know each other.

During that day, I was able to give Noaz insights about my vehicle knowledge while he shared his knowledge on photography, a subject that I am becoming more and more interested in: Just like a ‘community’ would help each other out!"

Why do you like finding work on Co-Tasker?

"I like the platform, and I know how difficult it is to find help in a new city, especially if it’s in a country where you didn’t grow up in. So, I’m always trying to offer my knowledge to fellow users, and if they are interested, I like to explain to them the work I’m doing, allowing them to learn these skills for themselves."

Co-Tasker is a platform full of local skilled people, like Mathias, who can help you with anything!

Download the Co-Tasker app below, and like Mathias said: "Let's get things done!".

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