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Co-Tasker of the Month: Ion dragos M

A ‘can do’ attitude is something we admire at Co-Tasker. Co-Taskers who know their skills, and what they can complete confidently and professionally. It’s that positive hardworking attitude that Task Creators also really appreciate.

Ion is a man of many skills and someone who loves helping his local community. Whether users need someone to help with a wardrobe assembly or with a move, Ion is on time and ready to help out.

Keep reading to learn more about Ion, his background and why he likes offering his skills on Co-Tasker:

Hi Ion, tell us about yourself!

"Hello! I’m Ion, I’m from Romania. I’ve been living in Berlin since July 2020. In university, I studied economics science and I finished my studies in 2014, but I decided to follow a career in IT and I’m currently working as a web developer."

What do you do outside of


"Outside of Co-Tasker, as mentioned I work as a web developer. In my free time, I like to meet with friends, or if the weather is nice I like to go and read a good book in the park." 

What does ‘community’ mean to you?

"Community to me means a group of individuals who even if they do not share exactly the same beliefs or lifestyle, they accept and understand each other regardless."

Why do you like finding work on Co-Tasker?

"I like working on Co-Tasker because with every task I complete I get to discover more and more of Berlin and I get to help people with different tasks."

What’s been your favourite task on Co-Tasker so far?

"My favourite task so far was helping a user move into her new house. On the day, she found that her new place not as expected and she was a little down about it, but in the end, I helped her as much as possible and sorted things out for her and she was so happy. That made my day!"

Co-Tasker is a platform full of local skilled people, like Ion, who can help you with everyday tasks!

Download the Co-Tasker app below, and find help with everyday tasks in your home or business.

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Are you looking to earn money by helping local people? Download the app and apply to become a Co-Tasker!


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