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Create Your Affordable, At-Home, Winter Wonderland

Yes... Maybe it’s a little too early to put up the tree in November, but that doesn’t mean Christmas isn’t on the minds of many of you.

Especially when this one is going to look different from previous years due to the pandemic.

Christmas 2020 can be the light at the end of the tunnel that signifies the thing we’ve missed the most this year - *fingers crossed* spending time with family and friends.

So instead of feeling a little Grinchy by trying to fast-forward into the new year, let’s look for some fun in decorating your home this holiday season.

During the first lockdown, home decorating was a great way to keep busy and make your place cosier, now that we’re entering the festive season, there are a lot of things you can do to brighten up your home.

Whether you have time on your hands or you’ve rushed off your feet, I’ve listed brands and businesses where you can shop affordable products online and which offer delivery services.

What if I don’t celebrate Christmas?

Not everyone celebrates Christmas. And of course, that is totally fine, this article is home decorating orientated so while you might not be taking part in the festivities, you can still take a look at my brands/businesses listed that offer lovely interior products for all year round.


Sostrene Grene” is a Danish brand. Their name means “The Grene sisters”. It refers to the sister's Anna and Clara who represent the company. The Grene family founded the business in 1973 and it’s still run by them to this day.

They offer a large selection of seasonal products inspired by their Scandinavian roots. This is one of my favourite shops as they offer high-quality and aesthetically pleasing products with great value for money. Nothing cost more than necessary and not to mention that they try to use plastic wisely by minimising its consumption wherever possible.

They have multiple stores across Europe, including five in Berlin.


Depot is a German retail company founded in 1948, it’s one of the largest decoration and furnishing brands in the German-speaking region. They have 500 branches across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

They offer their seasonal range at a low price from small decorative accessories to furniture. Their Christmas range is absolutely great! Make sure to have a look at their Christmas wreaths and lights. Their delivery service is available in most countries in Europe but the price can be high so make sure to check prior to order.


Maison du Monde is a French furniture and home decor company founded in Brest in 1996.

They have branches across Europe including one shop in Berlin in Schloßstraße.

If you are familiar with the brand, you know it’s not “cheap” but there is a reason why it’s on my list.

Like many places, you have to browse in order to find something interesting and Maison du Monde this is no exception.

They do have some nice and affordable Christmas accessories to brighten up your home and it’s definitely worth a look. If you like what you see in general, know they have amazing winter sales around January time with many ranges reduced up to 70% off.


No need to be introduced, you already know the Swedish brand founded in 1947.

H&M launched their HOME range in 2009 and opened their first standalone concept store in 2018, so not too long ago. They offer a wide range of decor and accessories for every room, for every budget and style really. The Christmas decoration selection is one of my favourite on this list, especially their cushions and candles holders.


Manu-Nana is a German brand founded by Joachim Hoepp, who stills remains the owner of the company to this day.

The first shop opened in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, in 1972 and was originally selling gift items and home accessories. Since then, the company has been expanding its product range as well as their branches all across Germany.

Their products are great for decorating your place all year round without breaking the bank. They have a special selection of products for the festive season which you can find either in-store or online. I recommend taking a look at their “shop the look” range which can add something different and creative on your Christmas table.

So there you have it, my very affordable Christmas Decoration guide. Time to get festive!

Need help with the more technical side of decorating? Book a Co-Tasker to help you with installation and they will bring all the tools you need to create your at-home Christmas vibes!

Laurine Lalande is an Interior Designer with much experience in commercial projects. Previously, Laurine worked as a visual merchandiser for many retail brands in the United Kingdom. She graduated with honours from Middlesex University in London with a Degree in Interior Design & Architecture.


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