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Do More of What Matters to You: 5 Unmissable Meetups in Berlin

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

If you’ve not heard of Meetup before, it’s a platform where you can find local groups that host reoccurring interesting events all around Berlin. The types of events are varied, from Eye Contact Experiments to Evening Socials, to Craft Beer Lovers events.

Meetups can be a great way to make interest-related friends when you first move to Berlin or as a way to branch out of your current circles. They’re also a great cost-effective way to learn something new.

Check out these five Meetup groups in Berlin.

What they’re about:

“Newbies, internationals and all other interesting in connecting: get together, get to know each other, exchange your impressions and experiences and/or simply enjoy this impressive city! Of course also temporary Berliners and everyone looking for interesting new connections is welcome. The city is waiting for you!”


This group is really great when you first come to Berlin and know NOBODY! People are really friendly and welcoming. They do an event every Thursday at Cocktail X Bar and have 11,948 members. The group also is open to people who are just passing through Berlin, it’s a great group to meet all sorts of interesting people.

People socialising at bar | 5 Unmissable Meetups In Berlin | Co-Tasker

What they’re about:

“Meet up with fun and interesting people to explore the emerging English-Language Comedy scene in Berlin, make new friends and have a laugh.”


The group has been going since December 22, 2012. Every week they have fun and entertaining shows, from their weekly Laughing Spree Comedy Show on a boat, to Clown Slams and Improv. There’s nothing better than a laugh after a long day of work, not to mention there's sometimes free pizza and shots. Check this out!

Comedy Show | 5 Unmissable Meetups In Berlin | Co-Tasker

3. Network | The Family Berlin

What they’re about:

"This group is for all the startup lovers who want to get their hands dirty and build amazing scalable companies. We invite entrepreneurs & doers from Europe and Silicon Valley to share their experiences on stage. These talks are meant to provide insights and actionable advice across all areas of entrepreneurship - Product, Growth, Operations, Tech, Fundraising, and more!”


For all you professional folk with entrepreneurial dreams here’s a meetup for you. The Family is a space and network that provides education, services & capital to ambitious European founders. The Family offers free weekly events to the public who wish to grow professionally. They host events such as talks, workshops and opportunities to pitch. If you want to learn/brush up on new professional skills, network or get inspiration for your own business idea this is the group for you!

The Family’s space is also beautifully weird and wonderful, with exotic plants, random flamingos and sparkle included.

Professional skills | 5 Unmissable Meetups In Berlin | Co-Tasker

What they’re about:

“We are a community that endorses mutual support and sisterhood. Women's empowerment is a topic that plays a role all over the world. It matters in NYC as much as in Kabul, it matters to female artists as much as for grassroots entrepreneurs and female CEOs in boardrooms.”


This group is a small but wholesome community of women who want to support, inspire and educate each other. Members are provided with a safe space and concrete methods for personal development. All in the hope that their members can leave and empower other women in their circles. This group has a really great atmosphere where all members are included and encouraged to share their opinions, experiences and personal advice on female empowerment.

Their events are only once a month but they are truly unmissable.

Female empowerment in Berlin | 5 Unmissable Meetups In Berlin | Co-Tasker

5. Breath | Yoga in Mauerpark

What they’re about:

“Yoga in Mauerpark started with a few friends doing yoga sessions together in a park in 2016. It quickly grew beyond that to sometimes 50 people showing up for class. Despite the numbers the intention is to keep the easy-going vibe of friends getting together outdoors or in a cosy studio with a local Berlin feel in the vicinity of Mauerpark during colder months.”


The experience of doing yoga outside in Mauerpark with 40 other people is such a freeing and spectacular event. The classes are open to all levels and all you need is your own mat/towel and a blanket/warmer clothes for savasana. On a warm day in the summer, these classes are a wonderful experience.

Not found something that suits you? Check out all of the groups in Berlin here and enjoy!


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