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5 Terrible Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Some people LOVE planning and executing well-thought-out Halloween costumes. Other people cannot think of anything worse!

For people who either

a) Have no time

b) Would rather not spend €€€

c) Don’t care about impressing but just need an outfit

Or d) All of the above…

This is for you…

Here are 5 terrible last-minute costume ideas:

1) Classic bed sheet ghost

This idea needs no intro… Simple white bed sheet with eye holes!

2) Toilet paper Minion

Strap two toilet rolls on your head with a yellow face and dungarees… BOOM minion!

3) Bills

Want a TERRIFYING outfit that causes full-grown adults sleepless nights?


Stick printed template bills on all black clothes with FINAL NOTICE written in red, and draw euro signs over your eyes.

(Scary stuff huh?)

4) Ice bag

Collect all your pre-used clear plastic wrappers, scrunch them up, cut two leg holes in a clear big trash bag, stuff the plastic in, write ICE on a piece of paper, put it on the front of the bag, and secure it under your arms… Add some black shades, and you’re cool as ice.

5) #Nofilter or Error 404

All you need is a white T-shirt, a black sharpie pen and SWAG.

Write on your T-shirt ‘#nofilter’ or ‘ ERROR 404: Costume not found’.

(Make sure you put something in between the two layers, so the pen ink doesn't transfer to the back.)

When your friends ask you how you came up with these OUT OF THIS WORLD ideas, it’s okay, you don’t have to give us any credit ;)

Need help with something else? Party preparations, cleaning, or something else non-Halloween related?


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