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Co-Tasker of the Month: Umang Ashoke K

There are many benefits to working on Co-Tasker. Apart from helping others and earning money flexibly, some Co-Taskers also use the platform to grow professionally.

Umang is one of Co-Tasker's hardest working Taskers who has continued to build his professional skills and network since joining the platform. Umang's skills are well-rounded and he's an individual who is always motivated to learn more and gain more experience.

On a personal level, Umang is a respectful, kind and patient person, who is known to go the extra mile to give his customers a great experience.

For all of the above reasons, we are happy to announce Umang as our Co-Tasker of the Month.

Hi Umang, tell us about yourself!

"Hello Everyone, my full name is Umang Ashoke Kumar, I am from Pakistan and I've been living in Germany for almost 5 years now. I'm currently living in Lichtenberg.

I completed my bachelor in software engineering in Pakistan, I then worked as an IT Support Engineer at Rastek Technology for 2 years. I then decided to switch back to my studies and came to Germany to study my masters.

I was always interested in working in the home improvement area, craftsmanship and my favourite type of work have always been electrical work.

I am a quite patient, reliable and very passionate person, who likes to learn new things very fast."

What do you do outside of Co-Tasker?

"I am currently doing my masters in Computer Science from TU Berlin, I have continued the field from my bachelor. I left my job in August, where I was a werkstudent." 

Why do you like finding work on Co-Tasker?

"When I start working on Co-Tasker about 2 months ago, I saw many people on social media talk about Co-Tasker and how they found a genuine and authentic person for this or that job etc.

I liked this and so I decided to join. I saw people posting their problem and this platform helped them to find a person to help 24/7 and 365 days a year.

I was already interested in many tasks which matched my skills. Especially in moving, assembling, disassembling, electrician, plumbing and so on.

Its a really easy platform and you can find work according to your skills, at a time that you're available, for good payment. The best thing, to be honest, is meeting new people from different communities and getting to know them."

What does ‘community’ mean to you?

"Community means a lot to me, its basically a thing that allows us to meet people and make new friends, learn and teach each other new things. Helping people has been always been in my nature. People in my community have always told me that I'm "a person who is a friend indeed when in need."

What’s been your favourite task on Co-Tasker so far?

"It's not possible for me to just talk about one task, as I've worked a lot on this platform and I found so many tasks which were my favourite.

Apart from the platform helping me to do some of my favourite tasks, there were nice times where many people respectfully offered me to stay for dinner at their home.

So special thanks to all of my customers (who are now I would say are my friends somehow) for allowing me to stay on the platform with pride."

Co-Tasker is a platform full of local skilled people, like Umang, who can help you with everyday tasks!

Download the Co-Tasker app below, and find help with everyday tasks in your home or business.

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Are you looking to earn money by helping local people? Download the app and apply to become a Co-Tasker!


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