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Empower Your Employees with the Co-Tasker Partner Program

Achieve better work-life balance, increase productivity and promote employee wellness with our unique service


Addressing the Modern Work-Life Challenge

Modern employees struggle to balance their personal life tasks with their demanding work schedules.


This can lead to decreased productivity, increased stress, and burnout

Connect your employees with a network of contractors ready to help with everyday tasks

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This allows your employees to focus on their work and achieve a better work-life balance

​Benefits of the Co-Tasker
Partner Program



Free your employees from personal errands and tasks, allowing them to focus more on their work.

Enhanced Work-Life Balance

Help your employees balance their professional and personal lives, leading to improved job satisfaction.

Attract &

Retain Talent

Make your company more attractive to prospective employees with our unique benefit.

Promote Employee Wellness

Help reduce employee stress by taking care of mundane tasks.

How the Co-Tasker Perk Program Works

Companies sign up for a package based on their size and needs.


Employees gain access to the Co-Tasker platform and can start delegating tasks immediately.

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Flexible Pricing to
Meet Your Needs

We offer tiered pricing based on the size of the company and the level of service required. Contact us for a personalized quote.

Why Choose Co-Tasker
for Your Company


Employer Branding

A great corporate benefit that boosts your employer branding and connects you with our wide network of contractors.

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Personal Support

Personalized onboarding and long-term support from our dedicated Customer Success Team.

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Easy Handling

Manage employee perks easily and efficiently with Co-Tasker's company portal.

"The platform is great and comfortable to use. It allows one to find needed help both quickly & easily. Customer service is the best I have experienced in Germany so far"
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Contact us for a personalized quote.

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