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Your Co-Tasker Community

Your Co-Tasker Community consists of hundreds of I.D. checked, reliable and reviewed users.

Users from different countries, speaking different languages, with LOTS skills, all ready to help you with any task.

Here is a sneak peek of just a few of them! 

Co-Tasker 13.jpg

Name: Mateusz M

From: Poland

Languages: Polish, English, German

Neighbourhood: Prenzlauerberg

Skills: Shopping, Event Work, Pet Sitting, Guiding, Assistance with German Translations and Meetings (Jobcenter and Agentur für Arbeit)

Co-Tasker 4.jpg
Co-Tasker 3.jpg

Name: Kristina H

From: Ukraine

Languages: German, English, Russian

Neighbourhood: Charlottenburg

Skills: Graphic Design, Photography, Portfolio Help, Adobe Suite, Event Work (Bar & Entrance), Pet Sitting, Baby Sitting (+5yrs old), Assitance for the elderly with shopping

Name: Tasos K

From: Athens, Greece

Languages: Greek, English



Skills: Programming, Moving, IKEA Assembly, Errands, Shopping, English-Greek Translations

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Co-Tasker 6.jpg
Co-Tasker 11.jpg

Name: Iwona O

From: Kraków, Poland

Languages: Polish, English

Neighbourhood: Kreuzberg

Skills: Testing Software & Applications, QA, Polish/English Translations, Petsitting

Name: Moin E

From: Germany/Iran

Languages: Farsí, German, English

Neighbourhood: Neukölln

Skills: Event Planning, Moving, Help with German Forms/Bureaucracy

Name: Zuzanna S

From: Poland

Languages: Polish, English, Learning German

Neighbourhood: Lichtenberg 

Skills: Social Media Marketing, SEO, Google AdWords, Virtual Assistance, Support Services, Email Support, Bookings Assistant, Polish-English Translations, Shopping Assistant, Berlin day and night time tours, Pet Sitting

Co-Tasker 9.jpg
Co-Tasker 7.jpg
Co-Tasker 5.jpg

Name: Karol D

From: Poland

Languages: Polish, English, Basic German

Neighbourhood: Pankow

Skills: Singing, Event Planner, Cooking, Shopping, Pet Care, Moving, Translation, Fashion Advertising, Styling, Certified Ear Piercer, Sight Seeing, Photography with zodiac camera, Writing, Journalism, Review Writing

Name: Jerrad A

From: Hamburg & Hannover

Languages: German, Twi, English.

Neighbourhood: Charlottenburg

Skills: Dance Teacher (Adult & Children), Meditation, Nursing, Assisting the Elderly with Shopping, Helping People from Ghana with Translations, Helping New Comers to Berlin Settle, Cleaning (with music), Marketing, Event Planning, Start-Up Assistance

Name: Kadiri A

From: Morocco

Languages: French, English, Arabic

Neighbourhood: Mitte/Prenzlauerberg

Skills: Building, Decorating, Painting, DIY

Co-Tasker 10.jpg
Co-Tasker 8.jpg
Co-Tasker 1.jpg

Name: Philipp L 

From: Berlin

Languages: German, English



Skills: Online Marketing, Sales, Events, Personal Coaching, Sales Coaching, Night Life Tours, Acting, Model, Help with Online Tasks and Computer Issues, Dog Sitting, Baby Sitting

Name: Aga P

From: Poland

Languages: Polish, English, B1 German



Skills: Cooking, Pet Care, Entertainment, Sightseeing, Shopping

Name: Christos P

From: Greece

Languages: Greek, English

Neighbourhood: Ostkreuz

Skills: Programming, Teaching Programming, Coverletter & CV Help, Fixing Bikes, Moving

Co-Tasker 15.jpg
Co-Tasker 12.jpg
Co-Tasker 14.jpg

Name: Marc B

From: Berlin

Languages: German, English

Neighbourhood: Moabit

Skills: Cleaning, IKEA Assembly Expert, Help with German Forms/ Bureaucracy, Basic Photo Editing, Child Care, Pet Care, Cooking

Name: Laila P

From: Berlin

Languages: German, English, a little French

Neighbourhood: Steglitz

Skills: Shopping, Pet Sitting, Guiding

Name: Giuliano R

From: Gießen, Germany

Languages: German, Italian, English

Neighbourhood: Mitte/Lichtenberg

Skills: Repairs, Moving, Civil Engineering, Guitar Lessons, Shopping, Excel, Word, Autocad


Name: Simon B

From: Germany

Languages: German, English

Neighbourhood: Moabit

Skills: Delivery, Moving, Furniture Assembly, Mounting, Errands, Help with German Documents and Translation, Fixing Various Computer Problems, Event Work

Name: Rico D

From: Fulda, Germany

Languages: German, English

Neighbourhood: Mitte

Skills: DJ, Delivery, Home & Garden, Errands, Bürgeramt Assistance, Cleaning (Excluding Toilets), Shopping

Name: Santi G

From: Israel

Languages: Amharic, Hebrew, English

Neighbourhood: Templehof

Skills: Moving, IKEA Assembly, Painting, Cleaning, Grocery Shopping, Garden Work, Contact Combat Training, Hebrew and Amharic Translation

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